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Ecstatic Bliss Dance

sattvaya euphoric ecstatic dance cacao choco bliss ceremonie dj zen

Ecstatic Bliss Dance 9 mei - SOLD OUT

€ 30,00


  • Hemelvaatsdag Donderdag 9 mei 2024: 18:30 - 1:00

  • Omgeving Amsterdam

  • Early Bird: € 30,00

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*Cacoa Bliss is tijdens het event verkrijgbaar voor €7,50

Informatie Ecstatic Bliss Dance 

  • Ecstatic Dance

    We will create a beautiful ritual ceremonial setting in the large room of our regular location in Amsterdam. In the first part I will play some relaxing and meditative light music to make you feel at ease and reconnect with yourself. After a while, when the medicine starts to work, the music will slowly build up to take you on a musical journey to more ecstatic and euphoric sounds and beautiful atmospheric soundscapes and hypnotic rhythms and grooves. The musical journey will explore different styles of delicious dance music, from Organic & Ethnic House to progressive and melodic  House. Be surprised and expect the unexpected. Trust the process, the music and let your body move from the inside out to the beautiful sounds and electronic hypnotic and tribal rhythms. We assure you that you will feel free, open to yourself and the people around you!

    Love & Blessings

    ~ DJ Zen ~

  • Cacao Choco Bliss

    We will come together in an Ecstatic Bliss Trance Dance ceremony in combination with Cacao Bliss.  The ceremonial cacao and bliss will give you a euphoric and positive energetic feeling and possibly a rather mild entheogenic experience. We will start together, without obligation, with one chocolate and at a later time everyone has the opportunity and choice to dose more. At a later time you will have the opportunity to dose a little more. All in respect of the Spirits of the Plants.

    We will create a safe space and there will be some of our Plant Medicine facilitators present to assist you whenever needed :)

    ~ AHO ~

  • Regels

     • Geen oordeel, je kan helamaal zijn wie je bent
    • Tijdens de dans sessie wordt er niet gesproken
    • Geen ongepast gedrag, respecteer elkaar 
    • We dansen zonder schoenen aan, liefst op blote voeten
    • Tijdens het dansen/op de dansvloer geen alcohol

    ~ Peace, Love & Happiness ~

  • Programma

    Walk-in and socializing from: 18:30
    Cacao Bliss* Ceremony: 19:30
    Ecstatic Trance Dance Ritual: 20:00  23:00
    After party and chill till: 1:00

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