Sattvaya Healing Events


  1. By submitting our reservation form and/or paying the registration fee for one of our events, the participant agrees to the terms and conditions.
  2. When you submit the reservation form, you are making an official reservation request. Sattvaya will go through your details and then contact you. Once you receive a personal confirmation for participation in the retreat, the reservation is binding.
  3. Payment must be made within 7 days of receiving booking confirmation at the latest. For bookings made less than 3 weeks before the start of the retreat, the retreat fee must be paid in full immediately. In case of late payment, Sattvaya has the right to cancel the reservation.
  4. Registration for a retreat is only final after receipt of a deposit or payment of the full amount due.
  5. If you wish to cancel a booking, please refer to the cancellation policy. Please notify Sattvaya in a timely manner and in writing.
  6. You are required to adhere to the dietary, alcohol, drug and medication restrictions and preparation instructions as stated in the booking confirmation and on the website.
  7. Participation in the programme during the retreat is voluntary. Participants are free to waive the programme to be followed. Refraining from participation in the programme or ceremony during a retreat does not entitle you to a refund of the registration fee, nor to a replacement ceremony or activity.
  8. Sattvaya has the right to cancel a retreat if there are valid reasons to do so, including insufficient participants, illness of the teacher, force majeure or because of changes in the law. In case of cancellation by Sattvaya, the participant is entitled to participate in another retreat or a refund of the registration fee already paid. Further liability claims and damage claims by the participant are excluded, unless they are due to intent or gross negligence on the part of Sattvaya. This also applies to hotel rooms booked by the participant, as well as flight or train tickets.
  9. Sattvaya has the right to exclude persons from participation in a ceremony or retreat based on valid reasons.


  1. If participants decide to withdraw (due to illness or personal circumstances), they are entitled to a refund of at most part of the participation fee due:
    If a booking is cancelled up to two weeks before the trip, we are unfortunately forced to charge 25% of the total amount. In this case, 75% of the total amount will be refunded.
    If a booking is cancelled between two weeks and one week before the trip, we are obliged to charge 50%. You will then be refunded 50% of the total price of the ceremony.
    If you cancel a booking within a week before the trip, we cannot give you a refund, as preparing for a trip is intensive and takes time, money and energy.
    After the ceremonies have started, cancellation is not possible. Interim termination or if participant otherwise no longer participates in the ceremony will not entitle you to any refund.
  2. If unforeseen circumstances prevent you from participating in a Sattvaya healing retreat, another date can be chosen in consultation.
  3. If you cannot participate yourself, someone else may take your place, provided the details of the substitute participant are submitted and approved by Sattvaya in a timely manner.


  1. Sattvaya will ensure the proper and orderly conduct of the retreats.
  2. Participation in a course or retreat is entirely at your own risk. Sattvaya is not liable for injury and/or damage of any kind resulting from the participant's stay and/or activities, nor for loss or damage to property.
  3. Complaints should be made in writing and motivated to Sattvaya. The complainant will receive a response within 14 days.


  1. The retreats and ceremonies we offer are intended to support emotional and spiritual development and not to replace medically necessary treatment or therapy. Therefore, always discuss physical and/or psychological complaints with a qualified doctor.
  2. Prior to the retreat or ceremony, always report to one of our facilitators if you have a physical or psychological complaint. Possibly Sattvaya can adjust the programme accordingly or provide personalised guidance.
  3. Do not force anything and take physical and psychological emotional complaints seriously.


  1. Sattvaya has the right to make changes in the programming of the retreat, for example if a facilitator cannot (or can no longer) provide the retreat or ceremony due to illness, relocation, pregnancy or other circumstances. Sattvaya will then provide a professional and comparable replacement. Participants will be informed about this before departure.


  1. Our venues are smoke-free. Drug use and excessive alcohol consumption are not allowed during the course or retreat.
  2. Respect for every human being regardless of religion, beliefs, orientation, gender and development is the most important core value. Retreat Yourself is respectful to all participants and expects participants to be respectful to each other as well.
  3. Sattvaya has chosen its locations with care to provide participants with a safe and liveable environment during the course or retreat. So please treat the venue and its surroundings with care, like your own home. Together, we take care of its beauty and cosiness. Any damage will be recovered from the perpetrator.
  4. Participants who do not adhere to the house rules or do not follow the instructions of the venue or Sattvaya staff may be removed from the ceremony or retreat. This does not entitle the participant to a refund of course fees.
  5. During the stay and retreat, video, film or sound recordings may only be made with the prior consent of Sattvaya and, if relevant, the other participants.
    During the ceremonies, use of telephone, video or sound equipment by participants is absolutely not allowed!

Please contact us if you have any further questions about our terms and conditions