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Plant Medicines & Personal development

Hello, how nice that you have come to us.

We at Sattvaya assist you on your path of personal development, spiritual growth and healing of emotional and physical pain. We offer you a warm and safe environment with our team of experienced and professional facilitators, each with his or her unique expertise in psychedelics, Ayahuasca, trauma processing, bodywork and personal & spiritual growth.

Our warm and loving setting together with intensive individual guidance make your personal journey with ayahuasca and Sacred Plants an unforgettable experience.
With lots of love, we open our doors for you to come home to yourself again.

Welcome to Sattvaya!

sattvaya ayahuasca ceremony retreat Amsterdam Netherlands

Ayahuasca & Healing

Are you looking for more insights about yourself, your true nature, who you really are? Or do you feel that something is bothering you, that you haven't processed something completely or that nothing has not healed properly? Then a master teacher plant or Ayahuasca ceremony might be for you.

For centuries, various, indigenous peoples of the Amazon have used this drink, made from the Banisteriopsis Caapi vine, as part of their traditions and during religious rituals. They consider the vine of this plant a sacred Medicine (La Medicina). Today, its use is expressed in many different settings: we know the traditional ceremonies led by indigenous Amazonian shamans (ayahuasqueros and curanderos), the services of the Santo Daime, among others, the more therapeutically oriented sessions and the neo-shamanistic way of working. The sessions at Sattvaya fall under the latter two.

Ayahuasca made from Banisteriopsis Caapi vine  is often considered a tool for personal transformation and healing, as it allows us to directly confront our emotional pain, traumas and avoided experiences. By healing our inner child, we can break free from negative emotions and patterns that affect our lives, and return to a state of authenticity, presence and peace.

Master Teacher Plants


For your experience during a sacred teacher plant or Ayahuasca ceremony to go as smoothly as possible, it is of great importance that you feel safe, at ease and supported.  The ceremonies therefore take place in a warm, safe and judgment-free setting, where openness, love, attention and an appropriate dose of humour are central. Besides that, personal contact follows with every application to see if we think a teacher plant like Ayahuasca is suitable for you at this moment.


Working with different teacher plants and Ayahuasca is a serious matter and certainly not for everyone. When you are going to work with one of the sacred teacher plants, it is important that you prepare yourself well both mentally and physically. In some mental or physical circumstances, it is not wise or even dangerous to drink Ayahuasca or similar brews. Certain medicines can also give contraindications. This is why we ask everyone to fill in a questionnaire at registration.

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. 
Who looks inside awakens"


  • Gaby

    "My journey was very magical and I felt supported at all times by the wonderful team. The incessant care and love you gave to all of us was very special and I thank you deeply. "

    ahayasca aya huasca ayahuasca ceremonie nederland kolibri
  • Roelof

    "No words can describe the experience and the power this plant medicine and no words can describe the perfect setting created by Ronald and his team throughout the entire weekend."

    ajawaska ayahuasca retreat amsterdam totemdier colibri
  • Peter

    "This was my first experience drinking Ayahuasca, and I could not have done it in a better place than with Ronald and his team. The guidance was professional, and with a pure intention."

    sattvaya ahuasca ayahuasca center amsterdam colibri heart medicine
  • Joe

    "The music during the ceremonies was incredible it really helped me to let let go and assisted with the journey. The facilitators were amazing, they were there to offer support when needed."

    ayakasha aiowaska ayahuasca om mij reviews colibri spirit
  • Maria

    "I could have never expected a better setting, so safe and loving. The music was magical, the vibe, the singing and dancing, the sharing circles – all had a massive. positive impact on my experience."

    sattvaya ayahusca ayahuasca therapie amsterdam
  • Enis

    "I have participated in many international quality retreats with great teachers alive these days, and Sattvaya is a high level retreat in their spiritual, psychological and shamanic approach."

    auhuasca sattvaya ervaringen ayahuasca ritueel
  • Lynn

    "My experience at the retreat in itself was stunningly beautiful, I was just blown away by the genuine love and support that I witnessed happening in the room"

    ayahusca sattvaya ayahuasca ceremonie ervaringen om mij nederland
  • Anne

    "The healers were professional. The space was filled with unconditionally love, which largely helped my heart to open up. The music was beautiful and high quality."

    ayuahasca sattvaya ayahuasca kosten psychedelic retreat nederland
  • Kaisa

    "The setting was so welcoming and it felt so safe I had no problems with getting the full connection with the Plant Medicine. Every little detail was at the right place and moment."

     ayuhuasca sattvaya ayahuasca kosten psychedelic retreat amsterdam
ayakasha ayahuasca plant medicine retreat amsterdam netherlands

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