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Dance & Healing

 Euphoric & Ecstatic Dance
In connection with yourself and others

Are you looking for a place where you can be yourself for a while? A place where you can let go and give your body space to move. Free yourself from energies and emotions. Letting go of everything for a while in movement and dancing to lovely sounds and rhythms of beautiful music. Then one of our Euphoric & Ecstatic Dance events might be for you.

Sattvaya offers Euphoric & Ecstatic Dance events in Amsterdam in a safe setting and judgement free and loving atmosphere. In which we give everyone the space and trust to be themselves. To connect together in the ancient ritual of dance with ourselves, the Spirits and each other.

Sattvaya Euphoric Ecstatic Dance & Cacao Bliss Events

Never Stop Believing in Hope.
Miracles happen every day!

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance is a 'musical journey' in which you let your body go along with the music. The music starts quietly, then picks up speed and ends quietly.

During the musical journey, you as a dancer can let yourself be completely carried away by the music. Feel the music and move with the sounds and rhythms. Feel free in your movements and merge into a trance. There is no judgement you can and may be who you are. Give your emotions space in the movement of your body to the music. Free yourself and feel the connection with your dance partners. There is no talking during the dance. The connection is in the freedom of the dance. The dancing is without shoes on, preferable bare feet.

Cacao Bliss

Cocoa Bliss, also known as Choco Bliss, is a Chocolate made from pure ceremonial cocoa with a touch of plant medicine in the form of Caapi with Truffle (psylocibine). This mild psychedelic adds an extra dimension to the dance. The music sounds more clear and beautiful, more details can be heard in the music. This makes it easier to get carried away in DJ's musical journey. Your body will merge with the sounds and rhythms of the music. This makes it easier to get into a nice warm trance dance.

Together with the plant medicine, we go on a voyage of discovery through music. By moving with our bodies spontaneously and without judgement, we can give space and expression to our emotions. Ultimately, this will lead to a feeling of liberation, euphoria and ecstasy. DJ Zen's beautiful music will certainly contribute to this. Expect the unexpected!

  Dancing is a true Healer

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