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Master Teacher Plant Ceremonies

Personal development and healing

Are you looking for more insights about yourself and who you really are? Or do you feel that something is bothering you, something has not been properly processed or healed? Then a Master Teacher Plant Medicine ceremony might be something for you.

Sattvaya offers Teacher Plant Medicine, like Ayahuasca, ceremonies in a safe setting and judgment free and loving atmosphere. In which we give everyone the space and confidence to be themselves. In order to take an inner-journey together with the wisdom of the plants.

What are Master Teacher Plants?

In the Amazon there are plants, some of them with psychoactive effects, that the locals call "Teachers Plants" or "Master Plants" because when properly ingested they generate knowledge about their healing properties through dreams, visions, perceptions and intuitions. Due to their entheogenic properties, they also serve to give us an introspective vision about ourselves, and about life in genera

Why work with Master Teacher Plants?

Under skilled and loving guidance, the Master Teacher Plants like Ayahuasca can be an extremely useful tool for them. Plant Medicines like Ayahuasca cleanse both body and mind of unwanted energies, and is called la purga, "the purification". They can help us to get in touch with our inner wisdom and discover the deeper layers of our self, our subconscious. Ayahuasca helps us see what needs to be seen in order to transform and grow. It allows us to get to the core of a problem and uncover the root of a negative pattern.

What to expect?

The experience is considered a journey, and varies from journey to journey, from person to person, in both intensity and content. During a journey, there are usually distinctly different stages. Experiences of pure love, inner joy and (intense) peace may alternate with more challenging or confrontational moments.

What will happen on your personal journey is hard to say. The plant guides you to those places that need to be seen at that moment and can be anything. So is better not to have expectations and just have trust and faith in your self and the wisdom of the Teacher Plants.

Something for me?

Whether Master Teacher Plants like Ayahuasca are something for you depends entirely on your personal situation and circumstances. First of all, it is of the utmost importance to find out for yourself whether you have any contraindications. Furthermore, your motivation is important. Read more here

ayahuasca experiences & reviews


"My journey was very magical and I felt supported at all times by the wonderful team. The incessant care and love you gave to all of us was very special and I thank you deeply. This atmosphere was enhanced by the beautiful music played live and otherwise."

ayahuasca ceremonie amsterdam


"I'm not done yet and can't wait to return to Ronald and his fine team! In this wonderfully beautiful farmhouse with these fine people, delicious food and wonderful enchanting music. I play the playlist every day and fall asleep to it delightfully with a smile around my mouth."

amsterdam ayahuasca ceremonie nederland


"No words can describe the experience and the power this plant medicine and no words can describe the perfect setting created by Ronald and his team throughout the entire weekend. I was completely struck by the devotion of the facilitators to create the perfect safe space"

jurema ayahuasca ceremonie amsterdam


"The ceremony was one of the most beautiful experiences I have had in my life so far. Everything was right. The people, the guidance, the energy, the love, the music. It made for a wonderful journey to various places most of which I had never seen or experienced before."

sattvaya ayahausca retreat nederland


"I have participated in many international quality retreats with great teachers alive these days, and Sattvaya is a high level retreat in their spiritual, psychological and shamanic approach. Sattvaya has taken every effort to create a well thought of, safe and compassionate process"

sattvaya ayahuasca ceremonie prijs


"I could have never expected a better setting, so safe and loving. Surrendering was possible thanks to all the help that I received which I’m eternally grateful for. The music was magical, the vibe, the singing and dancing, the sharing circles – all had a massive. positive impact on my experience."

sattvaya banisteriopsis caapi ayahuasca thee


"I can’t speak highly enough of the ceremony and the facilitators. In the first instance, it gave me huge confidence how seriously and fully a sense of ritual was observed every time. In the second, if the set is the mental state we bring to the experience, the setting that was provided was out of this world."

mimosa hostilis jurema ayahuasca sessie


"I deeply appreciated the loving care we received from the facilitators of the group and Ronald’s wisdom, skill and reverence for the sacredness of the plant spirits, creating a safe container where magic can happen. The music was also perfect and very inspiring in my inner journey, I will keep it in my heart forever"

sattvaya ceremonie ayahuasca therapie

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