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Ayahuasca Retreat

Retreat September 27-29



  • Start Friday 16:00 - Ending Sunday 13:00

  • Surroundings of Amsterdam

  • €484.00
  • Meals and overnight stays included, more information

Reserve this retreat

Make a reservation by filling in our reservation & intake form now. We will contact as soon as possible.

Contact us

Are you interested in this retreat but you still have some questions or doubts. Then feel free to contact us by filling out our retreat contact form.

Everyone who wants to participate in one of our retreats must eventually fill in our intake & health statement!

Information about this retreat

  • Inclusive

    • Twee Sacred Circle ceremonies Ayahuasca en heilige meesterplanten
    • Kundige en liefdevolle begeleiding tijdens en na de ceremonies
    • Muzikale begeleiding en Sound Healing
    • Overnachtingen in gedeelde slaapgelegenheden
    • Vegetarische Maaltijden *
    • Uitleg over wat heilige planten zijn, met je doen en hoe je er zelf mee kunt werken
    • Sharing Circles (het delen van de ervaringen in groepsverband om zo het integratie proces te bevorderen)
    • Meditatie en eventueel adem- en/of lichaamswerk
    • Tijd om lekker te ontspannen & tot jezelf te komen
    • Nazorg - inclusief een gratis integratie sessie na de retreat, indien nodig en gewenst!

    *mocht je dieet wensen hebben daar houden wij daar rekening mee!

  • Preparations

    After your booking, we will send you detailed information regarding preparations for the ceremonies. You can also read more on our preparations page.

    What to bring?
    • Bed linen, you can also rent bed linen packages
    • Warm comfortable, preferably lightly toned (white) clothing
    • Slippers or nice warm thick socks
    • A notebook to write down experiences
    • A power object as a bottom line during your trip

  • Rules of conduct

    At the start of the retreat, in the first round of sharing and by signing a consent*, we make the following agreements with each other:

    • Mutual respect for each other, no sexual or aggressive behaviour.
     The house, which we share during the retreat, will be kept clean together
     The use of telephones during the ceremony is absolutely not allowed!
     Stay with yourself as much as possible during the ritual. The ceremonies are a form of concentration.
     It is not allowed to make any video and/or audio recordings during the retreat, ceremonies and sharing circles!
     For your own safety and that of others, it is absolutely not allowed to leave the retreat within 16 hours after drinking the Plant Medicine!

    *The consent will be sent by email after booking. We ask every participant to sign this consent, in which these agreements and rules are set out, before the start of the ceremony.


What should I bring?

- Bedding, there is a package to rent for €7.50.
- Note/notebook/writing describing your experiences and emotions during the retreat can help in your integration process.
- Slippers/thick socks, indoors we do not wear shoes.
- Nice comfortable clothing, preferably white or light toned for during the ceremonies
- An object to which you attach a certain positive value for during the ceremony, think of an amulet or ash stone

Is the location easy to reach?

Yes the location is easily accessible by car, bike or public transportation. We also contact the participants together before the ceremony in a group chat so that people canarrange transportation among themselves, such as traveling together or getting a ride.

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