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Ronald - Founder - Ceremony leader - Facilitator - DJ & Musician

My first experiences with Entheogens and Ayahuasca
It was through my work as a Goa & Psytrance DJ that I was introduced to the wonderful and magical world of Entheogens sometime in 1992. After several years of experimenting with various substances such as the Mushroom in a variety of settings, it was in 1997 that I was first introduced to Ayahuasca through Friends of the Forest. After that experience, I made several more trips at specific times in my life but it was many years before Ayahuasca would play a more prominent role in my life.

Personal development and Ayahuasca

After a number of intense and drastic events, I ended up in burnout in 2009. Something inside was crying out for attention; it wanted to be seen, heard, and healed. I had a deep need to find the lost pieces of myself again and become my authentic self. I started practising Hatha, Raja, Kundalini Yoga and Mindfulness. Ayahuasca also crossed my path again and after several intensive retreats with the Mother of Plant Medicines over a short period of time, I slowly but surely felt something in me changing and transforming. From then on, I knew one thing for sure: I wanted to continue on the path to enlightenment and healing. And then not only for myself...but also for others, by assisting them in that.

It was in 2015 that the training Process Therapist and Ayahuasquero crossed my path. It immediately felt like this training came at exactly the right time in my life. During this training I was introduced to different therapeutic techniques to use in working with Entheogens (Ayahuasca in particular), and learned how to handle the Sacred Plant Medicine in a safe and respectful way. After the training, I started organising my own ceremonies under the name Ayakasha together with a friend who took the same training in 2016. Together, until May 2021, we were able to organise dozens of beautiful and magical workshops and assisted hundreds of participants in their process. A magical school of learning and many wonderful experiences, memories and knowledge richer, I look back with gratitude.

Your own process is never finished and in the years of facilitating ceremonies, I also worked on my own personal piece. For example, in 2019 I went to Peru where I underwent profound experiences with Mother Ayahuasca. I was very impressed by what the Spirits of the plants showed and made clear to me. I felt confirmed in me that the path I was walking was the right one. For me, continuing to follow this path in recent years means that, besides optimising and supporting the process of others, I try to integrate the wealth of meaningful experiences and insights into my daily and personal life. This involves trial and error. Letting go of control, daring to go fully into surrender and looking honestly at what presents itself, in order to eventually connect more with my true nature and then live from there.

A new beginning with Sattvaya

Being yourself sometimes also means stepping off a certain path and going your own way. With a wealth of beautiful memories and experiences from Ayakasha, I have been sailing my own course as an Ayahuasquero (neo-shamanic healer) and musical facilitator (where my long experience as a DJ and musician comes in handy) under the banner Sattvaya since June 2021. Here I continue my personal mission: to promote the growth of human consciousness and use this valuable treasure of previously hidden information to allow people to connect with their unique true nature. All because I believe this is the only key to a valuable and happy life. On a higher level, we then create a better liveable world together on the basis of equality. A world where there is room for everyone, and each uses her or his own unique qualities to live with each other in love.

With great confidence and sacred reverence, I look forward headlong to what the coming years will bring and what I can give to contribute to them. I do not do this alone. Together with a team of experts by experience and in turn wonderful people with unique qualities, we assist people with confidence and gratitude in their personal process of awakening, healing, and transformation.


Are you ready to embark on a journey with me?